Treat your floors to a thorough sanding

Floor Sanding Brighton

While timber floorboards are a beautiful and easy-to-maintain flooring option, life’s general wear and tear can quickly dull their appearance. If your timber flooring needs an update, you may think that ripping them up and installing new floorboards is the only solution. In reality, timber sanding is an ideal way of buffing over flaws, scratches, imperfections and stains without the hassle and expense of a complete renovation.

Committed to revitalising the look and appeal of timber floorboards across Melbourne, the team at VT Flooring have the tools and the talent to make your floorboards look brand new again with our sanding techniques. With over 10 years of experience, customers can count on us to get their floors looking the best they ever have.

Homes and businesses across Brighton can benefit from floor sanding, as the technique improves the appearance of your floors without the need for major renovations, protects your flooring in the long run and also boosts the value of your property. If you’re on the hunt for affordable, high-quality floor sanding in Brighton, turn to the team at VT Flooring.

Level-up your staircase with our sanding services

Staircase Sanding Brighton

Often overlooked when conducting renovations or home improvements, staircases can have a significant on the overall look and feel of your home or business. A dilapidated staircase that has suffered from heavy use can instantly bring down the overall appeal of your property, making it appear uncared for and uninviting. However, with VT Flooring’s thorough staircase sanding services, Brighton locals can enjoy a rejuvenated staircase by staining or resurfacing the steps, railings and balustrades, instantly injecting new life into their property.

Brighton’s local floorboard polishing team

Floor Polishing Brighton

Floor polishing is an ideal way of breathing new life into your floorboards, with the right finish making a narrow hallway appear larger and brighter. VT Flooring provide unparalleled floor polishing to Brighton homes, allowing residents to enjoy floorboards that are easier to clean, add to the value of their home, improve the interior air quality, and have increased durability.

Additionally, VT Flooring provide a variety of various stains and finishes, allowing you to attain the exact look you desire. Contemporary, classic or something in between – keep your floorboards up to date with your tastes thanks to a simple polish.

Call 0413 543 695 to find about more of the advantages of our floorboard sanding and floor polishing for Brighton homes and businesses.

In addition to Brighton, we also provide services: Caulfield, Glen Iris, Hampton, Mentone.