Sanding and Polishing

Why should I sand and polish my floors?

Floor sanding will make a huge difference to your living space, whether you are aiming to make a smaller hallway appear bigger or you simply want to make your living room stand out. We will polish all floor surfaces to a high standard making the rooms feel bright and spacious.

Of course there are other reasons. Floor sanding increases cleanliness, is reducing and minimising all sort of allergies. Timber polished floors are always in style and if done by VT Flooring company, they will become beautiful focal point of any family home.

At VT Flooring we use modern equipment to achieve 90% dust free sanding. What we are very proud of, and what differs us from other floor polishing companies in Melbourne are skills and experience to restore old floors using methods adapted by antique wood restorers.

Once you decide to have your timber floor sanded, you have to make choice of what finish or colour of stain or varnish would you like for your floors. Our friendly staff will assist and guide you through the process and help you to decide the most suitable options.


Is my old floor good enough?

Many times, after removal of the old carpets, people are discouraged by the look of their floor. The floor may seem to look a bit worn, discoloured and covered with moisture patches. Don’t be alarmed, the sanding process takes the floor down a few millimetres and we can patch boards to a very high standard. If you are still unsure, simply call VT Flooring and we can help you to find out if your floor is good enough to be sanded. Book our free of charge assessment and one of our timber floor sanding specialist will give you an accurate advice as well as the price. It is always your decision if you wish to go ahead or not.

Are there other benefits?

Nothing can be compared with the beautiful look of freshly renovated and polished hardwood or softwood floorboards. The genuine, authentic feeling of the old, dry timber can hardly be replaced by newly laid solid timber floors or parquet flooring. Whether it is a contemporary new house, a Victorian terraced or country cottage, you can not go wrong with choosing wood floor restoration.

  • Asset

Majority of real estate agents and landlords across Australia agree that properties with sanded and polished wooden floors achieve better prices, whether you looking to rent out or to sell.

  • Health

Carpets are a major factor in the aggravation and triggering of asthma and all sort of allergic reactions.

  • Maintenance

Floorboards are easy to keep clean – a broom or mop will do the trick. Carpeted floors require constant vacuuming. This involves time. Assembling, disassembling and vacuuming takes much longer than sweeping and shampooing.

  • Durability

Carpets and similar plastic coverings we all know, generally last far less than floorboards. Carpets will likely be changed many times before the floorboards it lays on.

  • Environmental impact

It may seam like a far fetched idea but the reality is that every year several hundred tons of used carpets and underlays end up on the landfills. Vacuuming and steam cleaning is well known to use a substantial amount of electricity and with carpets in the house you are most likely to vacuum every day. Lets multiply that by over million households in Greater Melbourne area alone, not to mention tens of millions across Australia and the figures are astronomical. Consequently it also leads to the increase of the electricity price which bring us to the last, but not least reason to have your timber floors sanded and polished.

Staircase sanding and restoration

Any one who ever planed to restore balustrade or to have staircase sanded and polished learned that it is almost impossible to find flooring company in Melbourne willing to do it.

Staining and Varnishing

• Why should I stain and varnish my floor?
• What should I be aware of?

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